1400*1000*160mm Custom-Made Grid Plastic Injection Skid Pallet Mold OEM

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1400*1000*160mm Custom-Made Grid Plastic Injection Skid Pallet Mold

"Making Logistics More Faster" is our final achievement. So Rongdu Mould devote ourselves to logistics industrial for more than 30 years, we are on of the leaders at Pallet Mould manufacturing.

In order to support better quality pallet, Rongdu pay highly attention on the Mold Quality.  Rongdu have strong design team, we make many optimizations from hot runner system, cooling system, ejection system, and using well standard mold raw material, like HP20,H718,2738,S136 etc.
Rongdu Mould support more than 600 sets mould, including more than 500 sets pallet mould annually, and won a good reputations from our regular customer.

Product Description

We have advanced and complete testing equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

1400*1000*160mm reverse three skid pallet is specialized for our customer. During the logistics industrial transportation, Reverse-Skid-Pallet is more convenient than traditional skid pallet. By the way, it has stronger loading ability with lower weight.

Rongdu Mould pay highly attention on pallet mould cycle time, Our strong design team optimize as following method:

First of all, optimizing the hot runner system, Rongdu using YUDO hot runner system for Pallet Mold, it is sensitive and stable for mold running. The most important thing is that more easily for maintain.

Second, optimizing the water cooling system, the diameter for water-runner is from 16-20mm, and insert beryllium copper for Deep-Rib. So that it could deeply reduce the cycle time.

Next, optimizing the ejection system, Rongdu using JUNFAN brand hydraulic cylinder, which is imported from TAIWAN. It could support super power during the mold opening, so that it could hugely reduce the cycle time. And Rongdu using 5-Axis Tooling machine to manufacture the ejection Plate & Ejection Hole, High precision Tooling could ensure the BALANCE during the ejection.

Above technologies could ensure longer mold guarantee life and stable running.

Product Basci Info:

Pallet Size:1400*1000*160mm reversible-skid plastic injection pallet
Plastic: HDPE/PP 
Pallet Weight:17kg(New PP)
Pallet type: Skid, Grid, Net, Four-Entrance, Reversible

Inserted Steel: 6 pieces

Application: Logistics Transportation Industrial   
Mold Name: 1400*1000*160mm Custom-Made Plastic Injection Skid Pallet Mold
Certification: TUV Certification

Origin: China

Port: Ningbo Port

Mark-Name: RONGDU MOULD   

Mold Info:

Mold Size:1790*1630*1060mm
Steel for Mold Basement: S50C#
Steel for Mold Core & Cavity: HP20,H718,2738,S136
Steel Treatment Technology: Quenching, Heat Treatment, Pre-Hardening
Mold Design Program: UG(NX), AutoCAD, SolidWorks
Hot Runner System Brand: YUDO, MoldMaster, Chinese brand

Tips of Hot Runner: 22 tips
Cooling System: inserted Beryllium-Cooper(BeCu) 
Ejection System:Ejector Pin & Plate
Hydraulic Cylinder: Taiwan Brand

Mold Tooling Machine:5-Axis CNC Machine, Double-Head EDM Machine, 3-Axis Drilling Machine  
Mold Tooling Tolerance: within 0.01mm
Mold Spare Part: DME/HASCO standard, it could be easily for replace and maintain.
Mold Surface Treatment: High Gloss Polishing & Texture     
Mold Cycle Time: 120S
Mold Life: more than 500K Shoots
T0 Time: 65 days
Mold Delivery: 70 days
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Mold Guarantee:1 Year   

Taizhou Huangyan Rongdu Mould Co., Ltd.

Rongdu mold Co., Ltd. is well-known China 1400*1000*160mm Custom-Made Grid Plastic Injection Skid Pallet Mold suppliers with more than 30 years of experience in the professional development and manufacturing of all kinds of plastic mold. The company specializes in producing plastic tray molds, turnover box molds, trash cans molds and daily necessities molds. It is located on the coast of the East China Sea, Zhejiang Huangyan, which is known as the kingdom of mold, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location.
In recent years, as a leading OEM 1400*1000*160mm Custom-Made Grid Plastic Injection Skid Pallet Mold company the company has owned several CNC processing equipment of Japan and Taiwan, with the introduction of the advanced technology at home and abroad. We now have advanced CAD / CAM design system, large CNC machining center, CNC wire cutting equipment, high-precision electric spark and deep hole drilling and other processing equipment. We have accumulated rich production experience and realized the integration of mold development, design and manufacturing after years of mold development and manufacturing.
With the continuous development of the company, the products have been exported to many places including Europe, America, the Middle East, South Africa and Southeast Asian countries.
Rongdu Mold sincerely welcome new customers to call or write to negotiate! We look forward to sincere cooperation, joint efforts, mutual benefit and win-win situation!

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