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About intelligent logistics pallet injection mold

An intelligent logistics pallet injection mold is a tool used to manufacture plastic pallets for logistics and storage applications. It is typically made from a hard, durable material such as steel or aluminum and is used in the process of injection molding, which involves injecting molten plastic into a mold cavity to form the desired shape.
Intelligent logistics pallets are designed to optimize the efficiency and organization of logistics and storage systems. They may have features such as RFID tags, barcodes, or sensors to facilitate tracking and inventory management. They may also be designed with specific dimensions and load-bearing capacities to meet the needs of different types of cargo or storage systems.
Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing process that offers a number of advantages, including the ability to produce precise, consistent parts with a high level of detail and surface finish. It is also a relatively fast and cost-effective process compared to other manufacturing methods. However, it requires specialized equipment and expertise, and the initial cost of the injection mold can be high.

Rongdu Mould pay high attention on the product & mould design, 1200x1000x700mm plastic bulk container pallet have two types product, GRID-TYPE & FLAT-TYPE. And Rongdu adopt integrated mold manufacturing method, it could optimize mould structure and make longer about mould life.
Those big mold have high requirement for the water cooling & balance of ejection. Rongdu Mould have storage design ability, we using bigger diameter of the water runner and optimizing the distribution about the water runner. As the ejection system, Rongdu using four slider, and adopt imported hydraulic cylinder to support enough power, to realize the balance during the mould opening.
Multiple interchange type about the plastic turnover container pallet make it has various applications, it could use for fruit storage, clothes storage, sea food storage.
Advantages of the bulk container pallet:
1. Well Storage Ability
a. Plastic turnover pallet could take 80KG and has well loading ability
b. Plastic turnover pallet could stack 8 pieces
2. Easily For Transportation
a. The bottom is pallet structure, it has 4 entrance way, and suitable for forklift
Product Basci Info:
Pallet Size: 1200*1000*700mm logistics transportation storage plastic container turnover box pallet mold   
Plastic: HDPE/PP 
Pallet Weight: 35kg(New HDPE)
Pallet type: Grid,Flat, Net, Four-Entrance, integrated
Application: Logistics Transportation Industrial   
Mold Name: 1200*1000*700mm Custom-Made Plastic Injection Bulk Pallet Container Mold
Certification: TUV Certification
Origin: China
Port: Ningbo Port